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In the summer of 2018, a group of us came together and dreamt up the  Boomi concept. We had all lived and studied together at UWCSEA in Singapore, a school that taught us how sustainability is the only path for an everlasting planet and a harmonious society.

Boomi aims to become a guide for citizens to transform their daily habits into a sustainable lifestyle. We are working hard to provide you with all the resources and solutions you need to make this green switch a smooth process. For this, we wanted to expand beyond just our products and create a platform for you to obtain the latest news and hacks on sustainability.

Boomi's blog will provide you with the latest news on everything about sustainable living. We cover new government regulations, new company initiatives, as well as provide simple tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 



"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else is going to save it."

Robert Swan

Sea Turtle


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